Ivana’s forte and passion is enhancing and amplifying the power, love, and happiness of her clients, those who are eager and desire even more greatness, success  and satisfaction in their lives. Work is designed and dedicated for all individuals who are willing and want to improve their life and relationships and at the same time have a personal consultant at their side.

Using her extraordinary intuitive abilities enables Ivana to access and function on a higher level. Here she recognizes the full potential in her clients, facilitating potent shifts in every area of their lives.

She brings clear new perspectives to any challenges and situations in the complex dynamics of their personal and professional worlds, always focusing and presenting the bigger picture. Specific guidance is implemenated on the spot, getting you instantly what you want in life.

With grace and integrity Ivana provides discrete, confidential, trustworthy, high quality service when and where you need it, inspiring, empowering and motivating you to expand your view and life on all levels.

With busy schedules, meetings and agendas whether on a business trip, an event, at a restaurant, at your workplace, or your home, she meets, accompanies and work with you where you are.

She travels and works with individuals from all walks of life, ranging from small business owners to an international clientele as they transition through their various personal and professional roles: while actualizing their visions and dreams, pursuing their passions, building and nurturing careers and relationships.


Ivana’s unique and modern approach is sought out in today’s new world by individuals who want to go to new heights and who are eager to unlock their greatest life potential.

Understanding real strength and power, both inner and outer, she and her work are a valuable asset to your beautiful life and success strategy. Experience the state of joy and limitlessness.