I was born in Croatia and lived with my grandparents until the age of fourteen when I moved to Slovenia to atend nursing school. In a very humble and harsh environment growing up, my grandparents love left a deep stamp on me as a human being. Being fortunate witnessing an amazingly strong relationship between them, ultimate respect, kindness, love and harmony left fuzzy feeling in my heart and bright vision for my future. On the other side my mother portrayed for me how to be brave and confident in a very controversial life situations, how to stay focused and keep your mind on the goal, fighting and standing strong for what you believe is right.

My professional career started at the age of eighteen after obtaining a degree in nursing. Eleven years I worked as a Registered Nurse first in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit nurturing the most delicate part of humanity and later at the Mother and Child Unit providing care for new mothers and their newborn. This work involved enormuous physical, emotional and mental strength, advanced care, special kind of love, and a heightened sense of awareness.

Going through challenging life situations, hardship, major illness, scary new beginnings (a lot of new beginnings), fighting my way towards better life I was always on the search how to ease my pain, heal trauma, help myself and my loved ones. In suffering my calling was born. At first it was pure warrior in me who wanted to save, protect, love and nurture everybody who needed someone to stand up for them and hold their hand while they grow strong. Fighting for others in need eventualy transformed into passion for the learning and practicing creative arts of healing. Natural talent, dedication, strong drive to help and empower others propelled me into new fields and new life journey, personally and professionally.

Expanding my view and growing interest beyond traditional medicine I continued studying at The Institute for Alternative Education in Slovenia gathering knowledge and sharpening my strong extrasensory abilities, took classes in many different holistic fields and obtained certification in Reiki I, II, III, Mental health course, Communication course, Kabala and Fire walking Ceremonies. Moving to Chicago and to New York I continued my education attending classes at the Open Center in N. Y. and also working with individuals, couples and groups combining traditional medicine with holistic practices.

Recognizing the opportunity to make a greater impact, my career continued in a private practice as a professional counselor, holistic health practitioner and educator where I worked with people from all walks of life, providing significant expertise in holistic health. Using my keen intuitive abilities as a medium and energy healer, I continued to consult and train people to achieve powerful life changing results in every area of their lives.

Today I work as a Medium and Life Consultant On-The-Go, meeting, traveling and accompanying my clients wherever they go, staying right by their side every step of the way with results superseding all expectations. My services are available in person by hour and by day.

I live in Hawaii where in my free time I enjoy swimming, surfing, horseback riding, hiking, writing poetry and spending time with my family and friends.