Love & Relationships Consultations



Are you looking for a personal one on one confessional space, a place where you can freely voice your secrets, pain, trauma, desires, and dreams? Do you want a place where energy flows from heart to heart, where you can grow and expand to the highest expression of yourself, connect to the potential within? In today’s busy and fast paced life style people don’t have time to build deep relationships but all people need and want them.

Everyone want someone in their life that they can trust completely and with whom they can have an open and easy conversation without any drama or expectation. Sometimes we feel the need to unload and refuel, update and reposition in order to have a clear path and a smooth ride, in order to freely move on and have a                    fulfilling peaceful life.

A place of unconditional love and non judgement, a place where you can be vulnerable, de-stress and talk about everything or talk about nothing, having just silent support and company.




Do you want to save, strengthen, update your relationship or do you want clarity and support to freely and peacefully move on? Either you lost your way and want to reconnect or a new path has opened up for you. Get relationship freedom. Always powerful, empowering and life changing. What is tight will be relaxed, what is weak will be strengthened. Understanding and acknowledging who you are and what you want will guide you back on course. Choose your intensity level, experience the thrust of an instantaneous change or a subtle gentle nudge, both are based on unconditional love and care.

Details :

First and Sixth Day: Both parties present.

Second, Third, Fourth and Fifth Day: Individual Consultation


PHONE: 808. 384. 8314