“Ivana will take you to the next level on all levels of your life.”
M. L. Entrepreneur
“A modern day muse infused with passion and powerful insight.”
O. M. Internationally renowned author
“Take a ride with Ivana (no seat belts allowed) and she will take you places you couldn’t imagine … in every sphere of your existence! If you want to change your life instantaneously, buy a ticket with her!!! Otherwise, take public transportation.”
V. P.  Model and Artist
“Ivana shines a light so bright that it turns every shadow in you into sunshine. Her unconditional love breaks every barrier in you that resists change. Her knowledge, wisdom and guidance helps you to transform your life and gives you tools to live a fulfilled, happy, and joyful life. I would recommend her sessions to everyone who’s willing to search for truth, to grow, and to truly live…healthy, happy, and abundant life. Yes! It’s possible and it’s possible for everyone. Thank you Ivana for your loving support and guidance throughout the years.”
K. A.
“Ivana stands as a pillar of strength and support so you can explore and live your wildest dreams.”
M. S. Metaphysical Teacher
“….time stood still, there was no time… I connected to myself.”
Y. D. Artist
“Ivana offers a loving environment to begin your journey to reconnect with yourself. You are guided through gentle, but powerful visualization techniques that bring you back to seeing with clarity the truth of your challenges vs. those magnified by irrational fear or worry. It is a beautiful way to get back to the heart of things.”
S.M.O.  Consultant
 “Ivana is an energy reader so it didn’t surprise me that she picked up on the energy or vibrations from certain areas at my work. Ivana and I identified the causes and from there I was able to spend the time to heal myself. The big factor here is that I used the information she gave me, then I did the rest, it was my choice. I chose to love myself and used Ivana’s healing information. I would have to say that my most special moment with Ivana is being with Ivana.”
R.M.E. Coordinator
“It has been to our experience that Ivana Nesco, with her amazing ability to connect with me and my inner being accessing all types of information, analysis of energy, very direct with yet love and gentle approach to me. She does this with consciousness that comes from the heart of the issue(s) with respect and integrity of her beautiful gift. Ivana has had a profound effect on me in so many ways and even without her touch, she is indeed healing me, just by her presence alone can do the job. Her words vibrate to me and touch my soul. It’s the sound of her cosmic voice. I’m so glad that Ivana is very much a part of my world, thank you for your loving and strond guidance.”
S.M.B. Recreational Specialist for Challenging Children
 “I saw Ivana on Skype. Feeling her presence made me cry out of my broken heart. The acceptance and love I recieved from her healed my wounded being. If you would like to learn who you are – she will show you the way. Infinitely thank you for helping me to know my own truth and my own heart.”
“It was comfortable, cozy, and safe! I felt loved. She gave me courage, hope, and a love for myself. She helped me in realizing my true nature. I am more positive and loving to myself and others where before I was negative and angry. My body feels lighter and healthier, where before it was heavy and diseased.”
Y.K. Hawaii
“When you meet with Ivana you feel who she is and you feel who you are. Personally I felt I was accepted. With so much love, patience, time, and understanding of all aspects of life, openness and knowledge on this earth there are only a few people and Ivana is one of them. She is an angel, one who accepts me the way that I am, my uniqueness, my array of emotions, and my life purpose. Thank you Ivana.”
M.K. Private Investigator
“My life and the lives of my family members have changed. There was depression, illness, and addiction. Ivana’s presence alone is a gift. It is difficult to describe in words something so elevated and beautiful that I felt. My family and I have overcome everything. The sudden changes in my family were so obviously visible and permanent. Now I hope she helps others as I have been helped.”
R.B. New York
“There was an intense sense of relief and peace. I had a newfound relelation. I felt different and I knew it. Since then I have attended a hand full of the same sessions and the impact on my life has been miraculous.”
“Ivana Nesco is obviously blessed with a very good access to healing power. I have known her for years now. It is pure love she shares with anyone coming to her.”
E.L. Germany
“I was feeling miserable and had many migraines, even though I never had them earlier in life. I wanted to get better and more importantly I wanted to help my family be better. I wanted them not to argue or be bitter and angry all the time. Through the sessions I experienced a lot of crying, a kind of cleansing and deep emotional purging. I learned to be more confident. This helped my fear of speaking up dissolve so that I could once again say to others how I felt, not having to hold in my emotions any more. I came to know that fear was only an illusion keeping me in that miserable place. Once I understood that fear served no purpose, my migraines wre gone and have not returned! I learned to trust myself by reconnecting with my intuition. I am now truly blessed and my family is doing fine. All my relationships with my mother, father, husband, and daughter have been healed. I am truly grateful!”